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Owner Representation

I will represent you, act in your best interest at all times and face every task with driven, strategic, creative solutions.

from start to finish,

and anywhere in-between.

Real Estate Development Services

  • Selection and management of all consultants related to real estate development (attorneys, environmental, architects, planners, engineers, interior designers, general contractors, etc.)

  • Manage construction (both land and buildings)

  • Aid and assist in special solutions such as partners for development

  • Work with brokers and procure purchasers for assets

  • Manage, review and approve contracts and invoices

  • Manage lease up and lease review

  • Land/building acquisition

  • Due Diligence

  • Environmental analysis/remediation

  • Highest and best use analysis

  • Financial modeling/cost estimating

  • County/Municipality zoning analysis

  • Annexation and full entitlements

  • Water analysis and procurement

  • Oil and gas surface agreements

  • New construction and remodels

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